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Directions from National Express Coach Station, Birmingham

Directions from New Street Train Station

Reggae City 2015

Saturday 10th October 


Alfie Birds (The Custard Factory)
B9 4AA

Don't forget to pre-book your tickets in advance



Reggae City are a sustainable event and are conscious about the decisions we make in causing as little harm to the environment as possible, such as using recycled papers and inks for our posters and flyers.


You too can join us in looking after our environment by choosing a mode of travel which will cause less harm, like using public transport or car sharing as opposed to driving alone.


Travel to Reggae City


Coach or Train

Alfie Birds (The Custard Factory) is located at a central location in Birmingham, 5 minutes walk from the National Express Coach Station and 15-20 minute walk from New Street Train Station. The maps on the left show the directions from both to Reggae City.



If you are travelling by bus from inside Birmingham, the following bus routes pass through Digbeth, where it will be a short walk to the venue:


6, 6A, 17, 34, 37, 58, 59, 60, 73, 97, 97A and 900A



If you plan to drive to Reggae City, we ask that you try to fill all the empty seats in your car and share lifts with others travelling from your area.

Please feel free to use our Facebook page or group to find others travlling from your area and plan a car share.










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