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Creative Hertz Sound System

Run by audiophiles…for audiophiles.  Creative Hertz is driven by a passion for pure sound, dedicated to high performance sound systems and combining the best in custom speaker design, with the best in bass music culture.  


Ben Walker and Paul Reynolds are both qualified engineers and self-confessed audiophiles with a personal objective of restoring aural precision to the market place.


“We began our business venture after organising music events which were all too often hampered by poor quality venue sound systems. 7 years and countless hours of research paved the way to the inception of Creative Hertz Ltd, with the aim to restore quality acoustics to the industry: Anything less than what we are capable of perceiving is an insult”.


The level of sophistication in today’s electronic music production means that most of today’s club sound systems are just subpar. Producers cannot always portray the feel they intended through an inadequate system; the poor clarity, cluttered dispersion and narrow frequency response of the system often removes vital impact from the songs purpose.


Creative Hertz aims to change this and produce sound systems for the DJs and producers who wish to showcase their true musical ability, and for the people, so that the music can be not only enjoyed but embraced, creating an uplifting environment and emotional connection to the audience.


Visit their website for more info

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